Speaker: Rev. Greg Stewart

Universalism: For Such a Time as This!

I‘ll confess: I’m much more of a Universalist than I am a Unitarian. For those attending historically Unitarian churches (like Hope), the voices of Universalism may rarely be heard. But if we’re going to be true Unitarian Universalists, we need to hear both sides of … read more.

Throw Yourself Like a Seed

All ages are invited to worship as we celebrate Easter with words and music, flowers and bells, and candles and praise. The sermon is surround by seasonal hymns and soaring music. Together we’ll celebrate the coming of spring and new life. Renewal—personal, corporate—is the rite … read more.

Deadly Sins for Lively Liberals: Gluttony

How are those New Year’s resolutions working out for you? The gyms and health clubs always report an uptick in membership in January followed by a downturn come Feb. 1. The mind begins rationalizing, “I’m going to eat that because I deserve it. I’ve worked … read more.