At the core of our human experience lies the profound need for connection—to be a part of a community and to actively engage with others. This fundamental need is often what leads many to our welcoming doors. We are enthusiastic about helping you establish meaningful connections within our church . Our commitment to fostering these connections is evident through the various programs we offer, which create opportunities for you to get to know fellow members in more intimate settings.

We are a vibrant and social community that places a high value on spending quality time together. It’s not uncommon for new groups to emerge, offering even more avenues for you to connect. At Hope Unitarian Church, we recognize that building connections is essential to our shared journey, and we eagerly invite you to be a part of it.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Hope is provided by our ministers and our Care Team.

Hope’s Care Team is part of the church’s pastoral care mission, and helps coordinate support for our members in time of need. This might include meals, rides for medical issues, homebound and hospital visits, and assistance with connecting to other resources. Please contact us for more information.


The Singers of Hope


Hope’s Choir – “The Singers of Hope” – (directed by Christy Stalcup) provides music for Sunday morning worship services and special events such as the annual Sing Noel Program. Supported by our nine-foot Baldwin Concert Piano (recognized as one of the finest pianos in the city of Tulsa) and a variety of guest instrumentalists, the choir offers a wonderful opportunity to use a love of music to support Hope’s mission.

Rehearsals are held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. You don’t need to be able to read music, and there’s no audition required. The only prerequisite is your love for good music, a desire for wonderful fellowship, and the eagerness to contribute to the mission and values of our Free Church.

Supper Club


Supper Club is a longtime Unitarian tradition; it’s a gathering of small groups of eight or so people sharing a meal. It’s a casual, social evening of dining and getting to know each other. There’s no other gathering we have quite like it at Hope. Supper Club is a unique and casual opportunity for to connect on a personal level. It’s an experience like no other, offering a window into the lives of fellow congregants and what led them to our church.

Dinners are generally held at the homes of those who want to join the monthly gatherings. When you sign up, you agree to host/hostess one month and you’re a guest for the remainder of the gatherings. The Supper Club coordinators assign the guests to each host/hostess, who provides the main dish and beverages, and contacts each guest to provide side dishes and dessert.

The sharing of a meal and the camaraderie makes for an enjoyable evening.

Dues? There are none! Supper Club is a free and open opportunity to come together and build meaningful connections

Women of Hope


In modern Greek, the word phlia means friendship. It includes loyalty to friends, family, and community and love between friends. That’s the kind of love you’ll find at our Women of Hope group. We gather in the evening at the church on the first Thursday of each month for a potluck dinner and a program.

Our programs feature speakers on topics that range from community outreach programs to theater, gardening, literature, music, and other activities. Come be our guest!

Women of Hope does not have a formal membership.  We encourage all women of Hope to join us the first Thursday of each month for a program and fellowship. Men are welcome as well!

We look forward to seeing you all.

Threads of Hope


You are invited to join this informal creative group working on our Threads of Hope project to supply lap blankets, shawls, baby blankets for those in need in our church community. (You’re also welcome to work on projects that don’t involve stitchery!) The group meets occasionally at Hope’s Log Cabin; please contact the church to ask when the next meeting is scheduled. There’s no need to RSVP: just show up with a project you’re working on.


InReach is a program that connects small groups (usually three or four people), led by trained facilitators, to spend time exploring the monthly themes in a deliberate and thoughtful way. InReach groups meet once a month, and there are daytime and evening groups with openings. If you’re interested in participating, please contact the church office.