Topic: Monthly Theme

Wise View

The Noble Eightfold Path is the Buddha’s instructions on cultivating liberation, and the fourth of the Four Noble Truths. Like the compass of the 10 Commandments, the 8 instructions point to an ethical and joy-filled life. Over the summer we will look at each one. Ever come to realize how you see a situation or person in completely the wrong way? This first fold—Wise-, Skillful-, Correct-, or simply, Right View names the effort to seek a true understanding of how reality and suffering are intertwined. It gives us a lens for understanding ourselves and our world today.


Services and activities on Sunday, March 3 are CANCELLED, due to current and predicted weather conditions on the Hill. Rev. Cathey’s sermon “The Power of No” will be rescheduled later.

Calm and Bright

This year is the 200th anniversary of “Silent Night,” or “Stille Nacht,” as it was original titled in German. With music, word, and song we’ll explore this familiar Christmas hymn of peace.

Sing Noel

Once again, Hope’s Choir, guest musicians, our Music Director Dr. Joseph Rivers, and Hope’s Pianist Chris Powell will stimulate all our senses in the annual sing Noel service. Think of it as a Unitarian version of Lessons and Carols. This year the theme is “Coming Home.”