Speaker: Yadenee Hailu

So, Now What?

This will be Yadenee’s last sermon as our Intern Minister before she heads across town to her new ministry at All Souls. Please come hear her speak and join us after the service to wish her well! Then stick around for the Annual Meeting at 12:15.

Listening to Our Lives

No. I don’t want to. You can’t make me! Sound familiar?
Often, we feel our only choice is to rebel and I propose-resistance is not true freedom. So how can we uncover our vocation and feel empowered to choose it, even when the next step is less than ideal? How can we say yes, to what we want more often than no, to what we refuse to be boxed into? Let’s explore these questions and practices together.

Curating Community Now

Beloved Community is a popular goal, but what is less clear is how we will get there—or when we know we’ve created it. We will explore how our idea of Beloved Community informs our path, daily actions, and every intention. Whether for society, Hope Church, family, or within our own village of friends, we’re often wondering how to curate Beloved Community.