September’s Generosity Recipient – RIP Medical Debt

The September Generosity recipient will be the national organization that offers a offers a way to forgive medical debt of low income or insolvent individuals, RIP Medical Debt. For every $1 donated, that nonprofit can buy at least $100 of medical debt. Tulsans Mark and Mona Whitmire have partnered with that organization and set a goal of eliminating all medical debt owed by qualifying individuals in Tulsa County before the end of this year.

This is such an ambitious and admirable goal that a Hope family has offered an up to $1,000 match of September Generosity donations. Mark Whitmire will be the Zoom Adult RE speaker on Sunday, September 6.  NOTE: Mark and Mona Whitmire have also volunteered to match donations up to $1,000, so this month your Generosity gifts will be DOUBLE MATCHED!

You can read the article that inspired the Outreach Committee to choose this month’s Generosity recipient in the Tulsa World here.