April’s Theme – Mindfulness

Like a cat poised, listening intently, aware of everything around her, yet fully focused on the prey she is stalking, this is an image of mindfulness. It is not being zoned out or blissed out. It is about seeing, hearing, smelling and even tasting in the moment. Mindfulness is about being aware of yourself and all around you without passing judgment. This is the hardest part, not attaching a good or bad or indifferent label to events or your own thoughts.

We will explore mindfulness this month. It has become a common buzzword which may seem to devalue it. But it is an active valuable, always available attitude toward yourself and the world. It is the seat of wisdom and joy.

Mindfulness will be a theological lens for our lives in a variety of ways this month. It will be the focus of our service on April 3. Hope’s children and youth will look at Mindfulness in their classes and out playing.