June’s Theme – Power

June 2016 FocusEveryone has power. Let’s use a simple definition of power as the ability to act. If alive, we can all act. Yet, everyone does not have equal access to effective power. Part of our work together as a church is to build power together, a power that is both relational and sustainable. We create a flow of power to support our own individual development and all ages around us. We also create circuits of power to impact our city and beyond. Evil is when power is used without accountability.

As a religious or theological matter, our openness to religious ideas and systems means we explore and examine where power for the cosmos as well as our personal will comes from. Is assigning supernatural powers to God, the only theist religious stance? Is human power the main source for solving the world’s problems or making change?

We will look together at power in a variety of ways this month. It will be the focus of our service on June 5. Hope’s children and youth will also look at the idea of power in their classes and outside playing.