Children and Youth Programs – July 2016

July 2016 Focus-creThese young ladies are two of the many reasons I love serving Hope. United with caring parents, grandparents and other adults we are creating a faith journey few children and youth are allowed to experience. To me, these children represent the story of my own family and loving church community.

My two sons were raised in a UU church, from the ages of 6 and infancy. At the time, I did not realize how important this loving community would be in our lives. I certainly didn’t recognize we were on a journey together. With these people, my sons learned to respect themselves and others, to live in community, to question and find their own answers. I learned how to be part of something bigger than myself and how to give and receive the love this community so freely shares. We loved and were loved by those trusted adults and youth through the struggles of the teen years, into adulthood and the death of my older son, Sean. Those trusted adults and my sons’ friends grieved with us, loved us and held my family during the darkest time we have known. Those holy people hold a sacred place in our hearts and I am deeply grateful for their presence in our lives.

I tell you this story because we, too, are on a journey together, though most of us do not realize it. You hold me as I have joined this community and I hold you. No one knows where it will take us. No one knows what our community will face in the years to come. We cannot anticipate the joy and sorrow we will share. The journey may not be easy and certainly will hold some heartache, but more importantly, it will be filled with love.

It is a privilege to be together on this journey of parenting and loving children. There are so many things to do and be, questions to answer and questions to leave for our young ones to answer. I hope you will walk with us, whether you are young or old or in-between. This journey is for the entire village.

Yours in Service,
Susan Spooner