Grief and Gratitude

As we look toward the end of this year of untold grief, we are in a season traditionally focused on gratitude and joy. It can feel somehow wrong or disrespectful to celebrate when we are immersed in such suffering. Yet grief and gratitude are inextricable, as … read more.

Hope is Yours!

It’s one of those old conundrums: we must lose hope in order to find it. What will it take to be the embodiment of hope, of being hope itself? I’ll offer three ways of doing so, regardless of your circumstances or beliefs. This is the … read more.

A Jesus We Can Live With

What’s a good Unitarian Universalist to do in a season like this? I boldly suggest that we all find a Jesus we can live with. It starts by distinguishing the religion of Jesus from the religion about Jesus. Our guides on this expedition of discovery … read more.