Hope Unitarian Church is located at 8432 South Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 74133, on the top of Hope Hill, one of the highest points in Tulsa County.

On Sheridan you will see our sign and the entrance to our driveway.


Drive up the hill and you will discover not only a remarkable church, but one of Tulsa’s architectural treasures.


We welcome and affirm people of all abilities. We have taken the following steps to assure that no one is excluded from full participation in the life of our church.


Our sanctuary, fellowship hall, religious education classrooms and public restrooms are fully accessible to those using wheelchairs or having limited mobility.


We have wire loop technology connected to our PA system. During all worship services or events held in the sanctuary, speakers are strongly encouraged to use microphones.

Special Needs Children

If you want your child to participate in the religious education program and feel that they may require special accommodation due to learning disabilities or behavioral issues, please contact the church in advance so the best possible arrangements can be made.

Pastoral Care

We provide pastoral care to all members, regardless of ability. To build the beloved community, the volunteers on the Care Team receive special training to assist those who may feel unwelcome, patronized or marginalized because of their disability. They may not be able to fully remedy every situation, but they can provide a compassionate ear and a willingness to enlist the help of others. If you have a hidden disability that you think it’s important for someone to know about, please contact the Care Team or the minister to share your information in confidence.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome. We recognize the significant contribution animals make to the health and well-being of people. Animals should be with and in control of their handler at all times and generally not disrupt activities by noise or behavior. Handlers are responsible for the care and supervision of the animal at all times, including cleaning, collecting, and disposing of waste. In consideration of those with allergies, people with an animal are asked to sit at the back of the sanctuary near the sloped end of the ramp. If you are unsure where to sit, an usher is available to help you.

Building Rental

Hope Unitarian Church, the Log Cabin, and surrounding grounds are available for rental. Religious services, rites and ceremonies held in the Great Hall (sanctuary) must be sanctioned, planned and executed by the Worship Committee or supervised by the church minister. A reservation and contract is necessary for the use of Hope’s facilities. For more information contact hopeuu@hopeuu.org.

Office Hours

Hope’s regular office hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can contact us by calling 918-481-0999 or by email at hopeuu@hopeuu.org.